Logisys MDLED5BL 5-LED Ultra Bright Blue LAZER Light (BLUE)

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LOGISYS Computer MDLED5BL Blue 5LED Laser Light. These are bright, easy to install, and beam in different directions for a beautiful shine that will draw attention to your case and make your components stand out. The Logisys MDLED5BL is a Bright Blue 5 LED LAZER light fixture that gives out a fan-shaped lighting pattern. The LED fixture gives out nearly double the light of 3 LED fixtures which is bright enough to light up the entire computer case. The body of Logisys MDLED5BL LED fixture is beautifully chromed and it has a male and a female 12 volt 4 pin plugs for easy connection. Impressive intensity and has a pass through molex design so you could daisy chain a couple of these together if you wanted. Logisys 5LED LAZER Light (BLUE . Logisys 5-LED Ultra Bright Blue LAZER Light - MDLED5BL (BLUE. Logisys Blue 5 LED Lazer Light


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