MSI GeForce GTX 970 4GB Video Card GTX 970 4GD5T OC V316-009R

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The MSI GTX 970 4GD5T OC is a high-end graphics card that packs a punch. With a 1.10Ghz core clock and 4GB of memory, this card supports 3-way SLI and G-Sync technology. This card is built on the gamer approved GTX970 chipset. Armor 2X Thermal Design delivers more airflow than traditional single fan thermal design. Huge heat sink provides better heat dissipation. Propeller Blade Technology. Produce 20% more airflow than traditional fan design. Produces less noise than traditional fan designs. Airflow Control technology. Deflects more airflow to heatpipes and improves airflow efficiency. Increases the heatsink area to enhance dissipation efficiency. Military Class 4 Components. Certified to MIL-STD-810G standards for top stability and quality. Built with Hi-c CAP, Solid CAP, and New SFC components. Bundle MSI developed driver and utilities. MSI Live Update Series (Live Graphics Card BIOS & Live Graphics Card Driver: Automatically online download & update Graphics Card BIOS & Drivers, reduce the risk of getting the wrong files, and never have the trouble on web site searching.


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