Monoprice 3445 USB 2.0 11-In-1 Mini Card Reader

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Achieve total mastery over your flash memory card media with this miniature 11-in-1 USB memory card reader from Monoprice! Just plug it into your computer and start reading and writing to your flash memory cards - no drivers to install or power cords to deal with! The miniature size and plug & play operation make this a great choice for laptops, netbooks, and tablet PCs. LinXcel USB 2.0 11-In-1 Mini Card Reader (CR-BCA1-A-US . LinXcel USB 2.0 12-In-1 Mini Card Reader (CR-BCA1-A-US . Linxcel USB 2.0 Compact Multi-card Reader. LinXcel USB 20 12In1 Mini Card Reader CRBCA1AUS


General Features:

Bus powered
No power cords to deal with - just plug it in and go!
11-in-1 Card Reader
Supports nearly all commonly used memory card formats

Monoprice 3445

Upstream Port
1 x USB Type A (M) Cable
Downstream Port
3 x slot for devices
Operation Temperature
0 Degrees ~60 Degrees
Storage Temperature
-20 Degrees ~60 Degrees
Power Mode
Bus power
Operating System
Windows98/SE,2000,XP,Vista, Mac OS 9x or Higher
Unit Weight
1 oz
Unit Dimensions
70 x 23 x 14 (mm)
Blister package
Package Weight
0.125 lbs
Package Dimensions
7.63 x 4.9 x 0.63 (in)
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