ARCTIC Breeze Mobile USB-Powered Portable Fan

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Don't let your computer hog all the cooling! With Arctic's "Arctic Breeze" USB powered personal cooling fan, you'll get the same technology that drives Arctic's premium computer fans, but directed to your body! If it's good enough to keep a computer from overheating, then it's good enough to keep you from overheating! Take it with you in hot offices, or on a stuffy bus, or even on the beach (provided you don't place your laptop right on the sand! ARCTIC Breeze Mobile USB-Powered 92mm Portable Fan, Portable Cooling Solution, Quiet Fan - White. Arctic Breeze Portable USB Fan (ABACO-BZG00-01000


General Features:

Arctic Breeze Mobile

Fan (mm)
Dimensions (Product)
205 L x 86 W x 22 H mm
Rated Fan Speed
1700 RPM
USB 2.0
Limited Warranty
2 years
Dimensions (Packaging)
235 L x 110 W x 24 H mm

Plug & Play
Plug into any 5V USB power source and immedialy enjoy the gentle breeze
Silent Operation
Based on Arctic's fluid dynamic bearing system for silent cooling
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