Corsair CMFVG-16GB-NA 16GB USB 3.0 Flash Voyager GO Flash Drive

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This Corsair Flash Voyager GO 16gb USB flash drive includes such a simple, yet useful connection; in addition to the USB 3.0 port, it has a micro USB port on the other side that can connect to many mobile devices. The USB 3.0 interface allows for read and write speeds that can never be attained with USB 2.0 drives. If you are looking for a small drive with multiple connections, large space, and USB 3.0, you have to go with the Corsair Flash Voyager GO. 16GB USB 3.0 Flash Voyager GO. Corsair Flash Voyager GO 16GB USB3.0 micro USB OTG Flash Drive CMFVG-16GB-NA. Imagine no more emailing photos to yourself, hunting for a USB cable, or running out of room on your USB On-The-Go compatible Android phone or tablet. Flash Voyager GO is the quick and easy way to move photos, music and videos between your mobile devices and your PCs and dramatically increase your device's storage. The ingenious design has both a USB and a Micro-USB connector, so you can copy photos and videos to your desktop or notebook PC for safekeeping, share music and media between your PCs and your Android device, or just leave it connected to the Micro-USB port for a huge boost to your device's storage capacity. Corsair Flash Voyager GO 16GB USB3.0 micro USB OTG Flash Drive for Android devices CMFVG-16GB-NA Corsair Flash Voyager GO 16GB USB 3.0 PC/Mobile Flash Storage Drive, P/N: CMFVG-16GB-NA.


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