Laptop Battery for Lenovo L08S6Y21 B470 B570 G460 G470 G475 G560 Z460

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This replacement is compatible with several IBM & Lenovo laptop part number L08S6Y21 as well as several other models. If you're Ideapad laptop battery is dead, this replacement can bring it back to life. Please ensure a full charge for all new laptop batteries as this will help to prolong the life of the battery. After initial drain, do another full charge and repeat cycle several times.


General Features:

Battery Capacity
Battery Color
Battery Cells

Compatible Part Numbers

121001071, 121001091, 121001094, 121001095, 121001096, 121001097, 57Y6454, 57Y6455, L08S6Y21, L09C6Y02, L09L6Y02, L09M6Y02, L09N6Y02, L09S6Y02, L10C6Y02, L10M6F21, L10P6F21, L10P6Y22, LO9L6Y02, LO9S6Y02

Supported Models

B470A, B470G, B470, B570, B570A, B570G, G460 06779UU, G460 06779XU, G460, G460A, G460A-IFI, G460A-ITH, G460G, G460L, G460L-IFI, G465, G465A, G470, G470A, G470AH, G470G, G475, G475A, G475E, G475G, G475L, G560 M278ZUK, G560 M2792UK, G560 0679, G560, G560A, G560E, G560G, G560L, G565, G565A, G565G, G565L, G570, G570A, G570AH, G570E, G570G, G575, G575A, G575E, G575G, G575L, G575M


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