Replacement Laptop Battery 14.8V 7800mAh for Asus U43F U43F-BBA5 U43JC

Was: $68.88
On Sale: $49.48



The battery is a worthwhile part to replace in any laptop if the current one is not functioning well. This 14.8V 7800mAh battery is designed for ASUS U43F U43F-BBA5 U43JC laptops. With this upgrade, you can always have your laptop with you.


General Features:

Compatible Models:

ASUS Laptop U43F, U43F-BBA5, U43J, U43JC, U43JC-A1, U43JC-WX059V, U43JC-X1, U45J, U45JC, U45JC-A1, U45JT

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