Gigabyte GV-R523D3-1GL Durable 2 Radeon R5 230 Video Card 1 GB DDR3

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This Gigabyte Radeon R5 230 GV-R523D3-1GL video card comes in at a low price to be affordable for anyone. If you want to watch full HD videos, TV shows, or movies without stuttering, install this graphics card in your computer today! It includes low-profile brackets so it can fit in smaller-sized computers. It has a core clock speed of 625 Mhz and 1066 MHz memory clock. The card uses all-solid capacitors for longer lifespan. It offers DVI-D, D-Sub and HDMI connectivity, with the HDMI port contact area being gold plated for optimal signal transfer. Overclocking can be done through the OC Guru II software.


General Features:

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