Pro Charging Systems Dual Pro RS2 12 Amp Bank 12V Battery Charger

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Pro Charging Systems Dual Pro 12 Volt 12 Amp Battery Charger - Two 6 Amp Banks. The Dual Pro RS2 CHARGER will deliver up to 6 amps per bank a total of 12 amps. The RS2 battery charger series has microprocessor controlled independent outputs offering overnight charging and dependable long-term storage. Dual Pro Battery Chargers incorporate important features such as being fully waterproof, completely automatic, overcharge protected, temperature compensating, and ignition protected. They also have LED readouts, and are USCG approved. Made for 24-volt series system or dual 12-volt batteries in parallel configuration, or two independent 12 volt batteries. Will not work on a single 24 volt battery, such as aircraft design. Dual Pro RS2 12 Amp Bank 12V Battery Charger


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